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1.What are your main products available for ultrafine particle production?
Main equipment we manufactured are stirred beads mills and high-speed dispersers for wet production of ultrafine or even nano-sized particles in different industries like paints, coatings, ceramics, inks or jetinks, agro-chemicals, chemicals, etc.. They involve high-speed disperser and mixers, mixing tanks, basket mill, vertical and horizontal stirred beads mills, etc.. Besides the single unit, we also provide the whole production line system for ultrafine particle production according to the customer’s need.

2.Where are your main markets in?
Besides the domestic market, we also export our equipment in different countries like Asia, Southeast Asia, South America, Middle East, Europe and USA.

3.How about your quality? Do you have some certification?
Since 2003, all the equipment we manufactured have obtained ISO and CE certifications. The product qualities are assured based on the standard manufacture procedures, and have been  approved by our customers.

4.How about the spare parts quality, after-sales service and some parts are Chinese brands?
The main spare parts of our equipment involve electrical components from Schneider Co. (France), bearings from NSK Co.(Japan),  double-mechanical seal from Bergman Co.(Germany) and rand air pumps from Ingersoll Co. (USA). The most of motors used are from ABB Co. (Switzerland) and Siemens Co. (Germany) in addition to China products. Certainly, we can provide all spare parts and after-sales service according to the customer’s requirement.

5.How about your guarantee? After guarantee if our machine has problems how should we do?
The guarantee duration of equipment after use is one year except the vulnerable parts. You are well welcome to ask any questions regarding the equipment installation, functions and use, etc. via email, weChat and phonecall.  We could assist for the maintenance if any for sure. Most likely our engineers can assist you for oversea service without any extra charges when necessary.

6.How could we install the machine in production? and is it possible to ask your engineer for on-site installation?
All the equipment will be examined at our manufacture plant before shipping. Basically, we deliver the whole equipment, except large mixing kettles that need to dismantle for delivery. If needed, some engineers from our companyare able to assist you for on-site installation for sure.

7.What’s your usual delivery time?
Normally, it takes one month to deliver the equipment you purchased, however, it could take more time to deliver some non-standard types equipment with special motors.

8.How about your payment tern?
Usually, we would like to take 30%/70% by TT, i.e., 30% deposit, and 70% before shipment. For the special case, LC is also acceptable.

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