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– Rotor structure: turbine + pin;

– Grinding components: ceramics, polyurethane and alloy steel;

– Product fineness: micron-, submicron- and nano-sized;

– No mechanical sealing: no leakage, without damage and maintenance problems;

– No screen: no blockage, do not need to clean the screen and screen beads;

– Grinding media: Φ 0.1-2.0 mm beads, for ultra-fine grinding/dispersion;

– Efficient grinding: the power is mainly assumed for effective ultra-grinding, which can increase the proportion of active work and greatly improve the grinding efficiency;

– Effective classification between particles/separation between particles and beads and grinding of particles. Fine particles are discharged from the grinding chamber in short residence time due to the centrifugal separation, eliminating over-grinding, while coarse particles are not discharged and they remain in the grinding chamber for further grinding, resulting in the final product particles with a uniform distribution.

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