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Classification and characteristics of several bead mills (sand mills)

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update : 2022-07-16 

The bead mill is a kind of fine crushing equipment. Its tank is made of stainless steel or ceramic material, and a certain number of steel balls or ceramic balls are inside. When the tank rotates, due to the friction between the spheres and between the spheres and the tank wall, the spheres rise to a certain height with the tank wall and then fall down in a parabolic manner, thereby impacting and grinding the material and making the material high smash.

High-speed bead mill is mainly used for grinding and manufacturing medium and high viscosity liquid raw materials such as paints, inks, pigments and adhesives. Mainly include basket bead mill, horizontal bead mill, three-roll bead mill and vertical bead mill.

Basket Bead Mill

Coating slurry pre-dispersion and grinding and dispersion can be carried out in a movable tank with inclined bottom, no need for conveying equipment, less auxiliary equipment, easy to clean and change color, especially suitable for small batch and multi-variety coating grinding, low speed and stable operation , Intermittent production, the basket wear is large, the manufacturing is difficult, but the paint loss is small. It is a relatively advanced paint bead mill.

Horizontal bead mill

The operation procedure is that the liquid raw material is transported by the pump into the closed grinding cylinder, and then the host drives the medium grinding beads to run at a high speed, so that the coating material is pressurized and rotated at a high speed in the narrow grinding bead gap, resulting in mixing, emulsification, dispersion, and kneading. , rolling and other submerged functions to achieve the required fineness of the raw materials, after grinding, the high-speed rotating hard tungsten steel separation gap is output to the outside of the grinding cylinder. It is the main recommended equipment in paint bead mills.

Vertical bead mill

Effective classification between particles/separation between particles and beads and grinding of particles. Fine particles are discharged from the grinding chamber in short residence time due to the centrifugal separation, eliminating over-grinding, while coarse particles are not discharged and they stay in the grinding chamber for further grinding, resulting in the final product particles with uniform distribution.

High-speed bead mills are widely used in paint coatings, cosmetic raw materials, food, daily chemicals, dyes, inks, medicines, pesticides, magnetic recording materials, ferrites and other industrial fields, and are extremely important chemical equipment. Shenzhen Sanxing Feirong Machinery Co., Ltd. has more than ten years of experience in the field of chemical equipment manufacturing, and has a deep understanding of the needs of the owners. It can provide bead mill products of various specifications to meet the production needs of the owners.

Three-roll bead mill

The three-roll bead mill achieves the grinding effect of the coating raw materials through the mutual extrusion of the surfaces of the three horizontal rollers and the friction at different speeds. It is especially suitable for the grinding of high viscosity, small batch materials and materials that are difficult to recycle or not resistant to recycle by bead mill, such as various color pastes, inks, etc.

Nano bead mill

For wet dispersing and grinding of connected dispersing and pumpable materials, grinding products of different viscosities to the micro and nano scale. The use of all-ceramic structure and high-quality materials (yttrium-stabilized zirconia, silicon carbide, ultra-high polymer materials) ensures no metal contamination and longer life, while the high hardness properties of ceramics can also make the product more refined. The patented turbo disperser ensures high-energy uniform movement of the grinding beads, guaranteeing high efficiency. Efficient energy conversion effectively reduces energy consumption. The patented sheet-type separation screen ring structure and its special non-blocking design can use 0.1mm~1mm grinding beads, with high separation reliability, safety and convenience, and simple maintenance. Channel-type and circulating-type production process, continuous high-efficiency achieves the narrowest particle size distribution. Easy to clean, only a small amount of solvent cleaning medium is required. The ideal cooling effect ensures smooth grinding of temperature-sensitive materials. The optimized design is more convenient to operate. The intelligent operating system records operating parameters more scientifically and ensures the smooth implementation of production. The high-efficiency and large-flow rotor separator system is 5~10 times that of ordinary bead mills.

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