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Zirconia bead

source : Sanxing Feirong
update : 2022-05-10 

Zirconia bead插图

#Main performance#
The sphere has good roundness, smooth surface and Pearl like luster;
It has very good toughness, impact resistance, and does not break in high-speed operation.
The wear resistance of TZP zirconium bead is 30-50 times that of glass bead;
TZP zirconium bead has a higher density than other grinding beads, has a very high grinding efficiency, and can improve the solid content of materials or increase the material flow.

#Product features#
1. very low (ppm level) wear
2. extremely high hardness is not easy to break, which is conducive to the grinding of high hardness materials
3. extremely high density can effectively improve the grinding efficiency

#Scope of application#
1. Wear and corrosion resistant products: coatings, textiles, pigments, printing and dyeing
2. High strength and high toughness products: magnetic materials, piezoelectric ceramics, dielectric ceramics
3. Pollution prevention: medicine, food and cosmetics
4. Ceramics: electronic ceramics, refractory ceramics, structural ceramics

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