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WT Laboratory stirred beads mill

source : Sanxing Feirong
update : 2022-05-12 

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This wt laboratory grinder adopts zirconia ceramic, inorganic seal, no pump and no pipe structure design, and self circulation grinding in the grinding chamber to reduce material waste and pollution. It is especially suitable for grinding test of expensive materials and a small amount of materials.

-Batch preparation of sub-micron or nano-sized particles;
-Use of small beads 0.03-0.8mm as grinding media;
-Grinding barrel/agitator manufactured of ceramic as standard materials;
-Turbine-agitator with pins;
-Vacuum filtration for bead separation;
-Sealing-free without leakage;
-Circulation grinding in barrel to avoid foreign contamination;
-Easy operation and cleaning;
-Preparation of expensive and/or a small amount of sample.

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