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SP-0.5 Laboratory stirred beads mill

source : Sanxing Feirong
update : 2022-05-13 

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The special nano sand mill for the laboratory is the smallest model of SP series vertical machine, which has the characteristics of inorganic sealing, no screen and circular grinding.

-Inorganic seal: no leakage, damage and maintenance problems;

-No screen: no blockage, no need to clean the screen and screen beads;

-Grinding medium: Φ 0.05-0.8 mm, which can realize nano ultra-fine grinding;

-Efficient grinding: the power is mainly used for the effective grinding of large particles, which -increases the proportion of active work and greatly improves the efficiency;

-Graded separation and graded grinding function: due to the function of centrifugal separation, fine particles are discharged from the grinding chamber in time, with short residence time and no over grinding; However, the large particles are not discharged, and they stay in the grinding chamber for a long time and are ground fine, so that the final product particles are uniform and distributed narrowly.

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