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Horizontal stirred beads mill

source : Sanxing Feirong
update : 2022-05-14 


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– Optimum-sized design, suitable for large-scale production

– Centrifugal dynamic separation system is adopted without beads leakage and discharge screen clogging

– Internal and external circulation grinding flow-fields and staged grinding design are adopted, leading to great grinding efficiency and narrow particle size distribution

– Design and use of the rotor structure, rod pin, turbine and dispersive disk according to the product fineness requirement.

– The minimum grinding media is Φ 0.2mm for superfine grinding

– The grinding cylinder is made of silicon carbide with superior wear and corrosion resistances

– For high-efficiency grinding structure design and low motor power, the specific energy consumption of the mill is at least 15% lower than that of the similar products in the market

– The viscosity range of ground slurry available is 20-5000mPas

– Efficient cooling effect for discharged products at a low temperature

– The mill is easy to operate/control, and install/maintain as well

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