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vertical stirred beads mill

source : Sanxing Feirong
update : 2022-05-31 

Product appearance

vertical stirred beads mill插图

Product features

– Rotor structure: turbine + pin;

– Grinding components: ceramics, polyurethane and alloy steel;

– Product fineness: micron-, submicron- and nano-sized;

– No mechanical sealing: no leakage, without damage and maintenance problems;

– No screen: no blockage, do not need to clean the screen and screen beads;

– Grinding media: Φ 0.1-2.0 mm beads, for ultra-fine grinding/dispersion;

– Efficient grinding: the power is mainly assumed for effective ultra-grinding, which can increase the proportion of active work and greatly improve the efficiency;

– Effective classification between particles/separation between particles and beads and grinding of particles. Fine particles are discharged from the grinding chamber in short residence time due to the centrifugal separation, eliminating over-grinding, while coarse particles are not discharged and they stay in the grinding chamber for further grinding, resulting in the final product particles with uniform distribution.

Technical parameter

modelEffective volume(L)Motor power(kw)Motor speed(rmp)Flow(L/h)Bead diameter(mm)Beading(vol

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